I was born in Melbourne, and at the age of three I fell in love with circus, following this passion I trained for 7 years at youth circus The Flying Fruit Fly Circus. I am a generalist; a hula hooper, a base/middle/flyer, an occasional aerialist, and I tend to bend. I love new things, I love collaborating, I love playing with group acrobatics and I really love being onstage. I love weird ideas and new challenges. 

I've worked with C!RCA Contemporary Circus for 7 years, with Circus Oz for a year and a half, and many others here and there. I’m currently touring and performing with The 7 Fingers new show ‘Passagers’. Tour dates here.

I teach workshops in random cities all over the world when I have the opportunity and I’m always open to teaching private lessons. I love sharing my approach to circus, it’s a little different. I teach hula-hoop workshops at all levels and have recently developed a ‘body care and training theory for hula hoopers’ workshop which focuses on the specific problems I have come across a lot in my own career and teaching others. I also love teaching acrobatics, I teach this from the quite rare position of a small woman who does a lot of basing so I like to approach it quite differently from most. I will post workshop dates here when I have them but they do often come up quite fast so make sure to keep your eye on my social media if you’re interested in learning from me.

In 2018 I got married and together we chose a new name; Wild. I used to be called Freyja Edney.