Here's what I'm proud of;

- I can hula hoop really well.
- I am a strong, confident performer.
- I always strive to maintain a realistic and positive attitude, to honour the work, to be on time, to own my shit and to support the people around me.
- I learn from my mistakes.
- I've been an integral part of creating work at Circa for years. I have stepped in at the last minute countless times. I have taught skills and repertoire to new     artists. I have based, middled, and flown more things than I can remember. I have extensive experience improvising onstage. I'm not afraid of failing. I have     created acrobatic moves, languages, sequences and scenes. I have received, as part of an incredible team, standing ovations and awards for serious artistic   work, for corporate events and for comedic, family-friendly shows.

- I've performed in many amazing festivals, including; World Expo Shanghai '10, Montréal Complètement de Cirque '11, Circusstad Rotterdam '11, Belfast              Festival '11, PuSh Festival Vancouver '11, Brighton Festival '11, Perth International Art Festival '14, Edinburgh Fringe Festival '09 and '13, CIRCA in Auch '11 and     '13, Brisbane Festival '10 and '13, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival '12 and '14, Buenos Aires Polo Circo '11 and '14, Le Nuits de Fourviere Lyon '12 and '13,  Athens   Hellenic Festival '14, Festival Novog Cirkusa Zagreb '14, Norfolk and Norwich Festival '14.

- I've performed in many amazing venues including; La TOHU in Montreal, The NYU Skirball Centre for Performing Arts in New York City, Teatro Circo Price in   Madrid, Cirque Téâtre d'Elbeuf in Elbeuf, SESC in São Paulo, The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, and The Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin.



"One female acrobat ... keeps so many hoops spinning around her, she starts to look like Saturn."  Christine Madden, The Irish Times. 2010.

" eloquently dismissive retort expressed through an impressively executed removal of the weight of hoops." - The Hereford Times. Wales. 2012.

"White-hot, funny and sexy, these are super-human acrobats masquerading as mere mortals. They raise the bar of what is possible, giving British contemporary circus a real target." The Stage, UK. 2012.

"Hula hoop gal Freyja Edney-in black, wearing bright red lipstick and a deadpan expression-started the show with a routine of sharp, precise, mechanical doll movements, adding more hoops as she shimmied. But to call it a hula act doesn't do it justice." Neil Boyce, Montreal Mirror. 2011.

"...hula hoops used in a surreal burlesque piece..." Katherine Lyall-Watson. 2011.

"Freyja Edney, a powerhouse, balanced male dancers on her shoulders, arms and head." Kris Wilton, WGBHArts. 2012.